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Never be content with the best

"The perfect web site or software", we mantain, "should comply exactly with the customer's requirements and return exactly what the customer wants".

Given the current state of technology, this is a wide scoped view whose accomplishment requires study, development, innovation, commitment and hard work. is committed to the marking out of this type of path.

Although recognized as a business aimed at developing software in the advertising, positioning and scientific fields, the purpose of is providing a service level even higher to all those wanting to communicate either on the internet, in their working place, or at home.

To this aim, pursues innovation and endeavours to overcome the limits of the existing technology in order to offer a quick, accurate and easy-to-use navigation service within the reach of any user. We are trying to redefine the methods of displaying the contents on the internet for the individuals, the businesses, the technicians.


The ten Key Points of


1. User care: anything else comes second.

Since the very beginning, the group committed to offering the user the best possible experience. Although many companies boast ranking the customer first, few can resist making small sacrifices to increase service to the users. firmly refuses to bring about any change that does not offer advantage to the users.

Any interface must be clear and simple. Pages must load quickly.

The positioning of a web sites in search engines on the internet is never sold as if search engines were "database" where one simply "pastes" one's web sites, but all this is exposed and clarified as the product of careful, difficult study and continuous optimization.

We will never stop telling and teaching straightforwardly to our customers that it requires great technical expertise, honesty, hard work to be first on the search engines. And we will never stop telling and teaching our customers that those who designed algorythms, the complex computing procedures for search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Msn ( Live ), Dmoz,, Altavista, Virgilio, Libero, Tiscali and much more.... are not stupid people. To the contrary, we hold them as people of genius. They are able to devise incredible amounts of data and information. And we comprehend them as programmers. And we respect them as persons just as we respect our customers.

The advertinsing on the web site must offer a contents which is relevant and does not represent a distraction. Always ranking first the interests of the user, one almost automatically creates a more regular audience on the web. Such growth takes place not by means of the TV od advertising campaigns, but thanks to the word-of-mouth from user to user.

2. It is better to commit really thoroughly to just one thing. commits itself to the continuing study for the improvement of software. Every one has one's own duty and speciality in order to allocate the fair amount of time to both production and study as well. A group gettin on very well, permanently searching for the best and committed solely to solving the problems of users, we're aware of what we do well and of how we can do it better. Through the continuous iteration of difficult-to-solve problems, we succeeded in solving complex situations and bringing about continuous improvements to an already highly esteemed service, and in making the information research a quick and effective experience for many customers. Moreover, our committment to the improvement allowed us to apply what we learned from new products. As long as we continue to increase the number of our products and in the same time to improve the research, we hope to bring our research into unexplored areas and to help users to access and use a greater amount of the constantly increasing information in their lives.

3. Rapidity is better than slowness. believes in the instant satisfaction. The user wants answers and he/she wants them now. And who are we not to agree? is probably one of the few groups whose stated purpose is ensuring that its users leave a site or close a software as soon as possible. Obsessed with removing every surplus bit and byte from its applications and with increasing the efficiency of its own computing environment, repeatedly broke its records as to web page loading time and software size in Kb... and always keeps improving. Many of our current softwares are from 50 to 500 Kb in size, and many applications are "portable" that is, they do not require installing (setup) and can be run directly from an USB pen without wasting time.

4. Democracy works on the Web.

The success of is based on studying millions of individuals that publishing Web sites and use software in order to assess which other sites or businesses offer valid contents. Instead of being based on a group of editors or solely on how frequently certain terms appear, studies every web page using an innovative techinque called Blackpool. Blackpool evaluates all the web sites connected to a web page and ranks them, based partially on the web sites connected. Through the analysis the whole structure of a web site, can assess which web sites are authoritative even before that phenomenon takes place thanks to the wide information resources it extrapolates. Indeed, this technique improves the evaluation and design of a web site as long as the web increases in size, in that every new web site is another information source and another Blackpool to compute. As of today we tested and took a census of nearly 2500 software or utilities, and we developed nearly 100 utilities both for web and for office use that we shall publish on this portal in the future.

5. There is no need to sit at one's desk to need information.

We are more and more mobile and less willing to be tied down to a fixed place. Either through PDAs, wireless telephones or their motorcars, customers want informations to flow toward them. The's innovations in the field include Word Change and Soft Easy, reducing the local assistance instances by acting online. is in the vanguard with its new technologies and offers new solutions wherever the research is able to help users get the desired information.

6. It is possible to make profit and hurt no one.

Income are converted into study and technology. holds that advertising can be effective without being garish. develops popups consistent with the customer's message without tiring or confusing the users because such techniques interfere with the user's ability to view the requested contents. We noticed that ads having a message relevant to the individual that reads it attract far higher percentages of clicks than advertisings that show up at random. The team in charge of optimizing web sites and portals cooperates with the customers to improve their navigation.

We never manipulate our statistical reports about search engine positionings. Every datum is limpid, sincere and real. No one can buy positioning or PageRank on the best search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn Live, Altavista, Virgilio, Aol, Libero, Tiscali and many others without planning and hard work. Our users trust in the objectivity of and no short term profit may ever justify the fading away of such trust.

Many people use our programs to advertise their own products. We hold that Word Change and Soft Easy are the most important utilities ever developed on the internet for this type of service. Moreover, other web site managers take advantage of our programs to publish advertising relevant with their site's contents, improving their ability to produce income and upgrading the experience of their users.

7. There is always more information than one expects.

After optimizing many Html, Asp, Php, and other pages on the internet turned its attention to the information not immediately available. It sometimes was just a problem of integrating new databases. Other cases demanded something of a greater creativity but... we can do that, too.

8. The need for information overcomes every border.

Despite the headquarters of are located in Inzago (Milan), we operate everywhere. Our mission is making easier for people to access information. For this reason we manage tenths od internet Domains and more than half of our results are developed for users located in Italy and abroad. We create web pages in 8 languages according to the customer's preferences.

9. It is possible to be "serious" even without a black tie on. declares that our group is "serious" only as long as the software, the service delivery is concerned. We're a business based on the idea that work must be a challenge and that such challenge must be fun. On this subject, unlike other businesses, the culture in is dynamic. puts ranks users first when it's a matter of online service, and ranks customers first when it's a matter of everyday life. The stress is on the results achieved by the team and on the pride for personal results that contribute to the overall success of the group. The ideas are shared after testing and then put into action with a readiness that may appear disconcerting and perhaps not even seen. Meetings, that would take hours in other businesses, often span across a simple conversation in a motorcar, on the telephone, or in a bar, in front of a cup of hot chocolate. This extremely communicative environment encourages a productivity and team spirit fed by the awareness that many customer trust in's results.

Provide the right tools to a group of people that likes to make a difference and they will do it.

10. Excelling is not enough.

Always give more than what's expected. does not accept the idea that being the best is the final target, but holds that this has to be the starting point. Through innovation and iteration, devotes to improving something that already works fine to obtain unexpected results. The distinction point of is nevertheless the ability to anticipate the not-yet-expressed requirements of the general public and thus meeting them with products and services setting new standards. This constant unfulfillment, when all is said and done, is the basic drive of our work.

Than You for your attention.

Ma you never be the same again.

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