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About Us

We are on the internet since 1994.

"Zerboni com" consists of an 8 people team, all of which about 40 years old and considerably experienced on hardware, software and web.

Our scope is as wide as our ability to conceive solutions suiting your taste, and we certainly do not disdain cooperation and/or partnerships with other dynamic businesses with full respect of their customer base.

We range from management consulting to software and/or advertising consulting, and we're a web agency as well, who can produce:

  • Internet Sites
  • Three-Dimensional Animations
  • Administrative Software
  • Educational Software for Schools
  • Secretariat Courses or Consulting
  • Translation to and from: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German.
  • DOS Applications
  • Windows Applications
  • Linux Applications
  • Office Software
  • Graphics
  • Networks
  • Hardware Supply and Installation
  • Hardware tools for testing and repair of electronic cards
  • Hardware/Software interfaces for any type of devices
  • Market Researches
  • Web Site Positioning and Search Engine Optimization
  • Business consulting - (we are member no. 55286 of the "Albo dei Mediatori Creditizi" - Italian Register of Credit Agents)

Our target consists of all these people and businesses wanting to grow rapidly.

That is, all those people who intend to expand fast and clearly in a complex, technological and modern world who embraces the internet as well as a great communication tool.

In our courses we apply the more recent training techniques, and we attain extraordinary learning results.


Our company philosophy is that YOU must grow with us, because the better you will be, the better we will be as well.

It is a simple but nonetheless powerful equation.

A good mathematician always simplifies his formulas.

Our message aims at developing the overall culture of individuals as a means of general growth.

We do not teach always in the same way.

We teach at best to keen and motivated people because they let us hope in a better future, and because we hold passion as one of the greatest prerequisites to act good and be successfull in every field in life; we reached here mainly because of that.

Here are some of our professional experiences in the last 20 years:



It's now about twenty years that we re-sell computer and peripherals of the most renown brands. Ten years ago the choice was made, though, to avail ourselves of a national manufacturer to supply us almost all the materials needed by our end users. The reason for that choice has to be traced back to the actual validity of products and the punctuality of the assistance provided, an assistance acting as the very watershed in many cases as to the quality of service delivered to the customer. This strategy proved itself successfull. Our customers are individuals, small and mid-sized businesses and public bodies, such as some Departments and Institutes of the UniversitÓ degli Studi university in Milan.


All the reselling materials come with on-site installation included, save exceptional cases or specific arrangements with the end user. In addition to the hardware - mainframes and peripherals, installation includes Operating System as well, when it is preloaded on-board. Operating Systems non-preloaded or different from the preloaded one as well as all the additional applications can be installed afterwards at an agreed-upon charge.


All the Hardware material is covered by a two-year guarantee, as currently prescribed by the Italian Law. Assistance is usually performed on-site or, wherever impossible, in-house at our facilities. Moreover, should the situation be particularly complex, the assistance is carried out directly at the hardware manufacturer.



DOS Applications

Even if a significant part of business today is devoted to the reselling of hardware materials and to the technical assistance, the company's core business remains the application software development anyhow. In the course of the past decades a migration took place from Operating Systems supporting mainly textual programming languages, with little use of graphics (Fortran, Pascal, C, Basic) to object oriented modern environments with their programming languages (C++, VisualBasic, 4GL Languages and Web Application Languages). The so produced software has therefore been enriched with new generation visual contents that not only make it more captivating, but also allow it to be more intuitively used, putting the user in a certainly more ergonomic environment. We proficiently operated in both contexts, developing applications for the administrative, scientific, environmental, medical, industrial spheres. The skills acquired during the years in the various environments created a sinergy amongst their various components, thus allowing to translate part of the peculiarities of an environment into all the other, improving dramatically the quality of the software produced.

Windows Applications

The first application developed for the Windows environment was ordered by the Amplifon company in Milan and had to do with tuning up procedures to acquire data via serial connections from self made tools used in audiology and neurology. The so acquired data are stored in a database in Access format for an ensuing displaying, printing and further computing. Windows 2000 - XP environment, Visual Basic language, Access database environment.
Picture processing
An application for the processing of pictures was developed that, starting from graphic items and pre-loaded images and/or supplied by the user, allows their printing in wide format with size and proportions set by the user. The printing can be effected on pages that can be put side-by-side, composed or on continuous form. Windows 2000 - XP environment, Visual Basic language, Access database environment.
For the Istituto di Medicina Legale forensic medicine institute in Milan was developed an application for storing all the medical reports on post-mortem examinations performed both inside and outside the Institute by its forensic scientists. At first aimed at data collection alone on the basis of the technical specifications provided by the Institute's scientists, it was subsequently integrated with inquiry procedures allowing the extraction of data in an extremely selective way by means of an intuitive and exhaustive interface. Windows 2000 - XP environment, Visual Basic language, Access database environment.
Many applications have been developed within the industrial environment aimed at functionality testing. Backbone of such applications is a procedure called "sequencer", whose function is performing the desired test sequence. Updated as years went by in both its graphic appearance and its structure, it is made up by a sequence of steps, each of whom is in turn equipped with an interface for the definition of data and parameters needed for its computing. The first applications concerned the testing of the X-ray beds and headboards positioning system used in X-raying, and of gas leakage detection circuitry. Windows 2000 - XP environment, LabVIEW and LabWindows CVI languages, text file based database.
Process Control and Supervision
In this area a program has been developed for controlling, managing and supervising an experimental chemical plant producing resins. By means of the program it is possible to define the receipts listing type and quality of the resins components, define the operating parameters of the plant and its regulators, to manage the privileges allowed to the various users and control data accesses through a system of assigned passwords, and monitoring and recording the main quantities for ensuing display and analysis. The plant supervision can also take place remotely, through a local network, or through the Internet. Windows 2000 - XP environment, LabVIEW and LabWindows CVI languages, Access database enviroment.

Web Site Positioning

Our experience in positioning web sites traces back to our historical background, as we first performed it in 1995, right after the "modern" internet showed up. There are currently about 100,000 pages on the internet that we positioned, and nearly 300 web sites in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn live, Dmoz, Aol, Altavista, Virgilio, Libero, Tiscali and many others. During the years we developed, and we're further developing, dedicated software for web positioning, statistical reporting, monitoring, speeding up the web pages production process and analyizing and evaluating quality, all of which the fruit of careful sector studies. We provide reporting on sector trends and dedicated software for office web management, carry out market analysis, competitors analysis and evaluations for the most suitable advertising. Discretion and privacy about the customer's valuable data is one of our strong points.

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